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The Great West Hedge is an ambitious project to transform the gateway into London from the west into a beautiful, pollution-mitigating, biodiversity-supporting, green corridor.

Both sides of the A4, one of London’s busiest – and most polluted – roads, between Hammersmith Flyover and Chiswick Roundabout, will be planted up with a lush and sustainable mixture of native trees, hedgerows, wildflowers and spring bulbs. This will transform the road, making it visually stunning, a river of biodiversity into the capital and a filter between road traffic and pedestrians, cyclists and residents.

Verges with the potential to be filled with more trees and flowers.

This important route that brings visitors from Heathrow Airport into London passes through residential areas with school playgrounds, nurseries and primary schools directly alongside.

The new planting will protect communities behind the “Hedge” from pollution, supply wildlife with an essential and joined-up river of greenery, and provide vehicle drivers entering the capital with a canopy of attractive planting and greenery – a visual feast of flowers and planting that sets the scene as they access a greener capital city.

Flowers and nature can thrive along the Great West Road if we let them.

Supported by Transport for London, the London Boroughs of Hounslow and Hammersmith & Fulham, as well as the adjoining communities, the Great West Hedge – led by a team of dynamic local people – will transform these polluted and neglected spaces into welcoming, nature-filled linear green borders, befitting a healthier, more beautiful and more sustainable city.