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Who we are

A dynamic team of local people, with proven track records and experience at high-level public realm, project management, environmental improvement and working with community groups and local government. Most importantly, we live alongside the A4, our children breathe this air, we are concerned about the challenges of urban greening.

We have a track record of horticultural and public realms projects including:

  • Chiswick House Kitchen Garden
  • Turnham Green Terrrace piazza
  • German garden shows
  • Chiswick Flower Market

We have the expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm to deliver this project.

Chiswick Flower Market.

Dr Karen Liebreich MBE

Director of Abundance London, Co-founder of the Chiswick Flower Market, Chiswick House Kitchen Garden.

Jutta Wagner

Garden designer. Work includes several major German garden shows, Turnham Green Terrace perennial bed, Chiswick House Kitchen Garden.

Marie-Claire Meisels

Marie-Claire is the co-founder of Marteau, Inc., a digital strategy agency based in NY, USA.

As a Chiswick resident (and parent), she is involved in projects focused on improving the environment in our common spaces, reducing our carbon emissions, and enhancing biodiversity. She is the Secretary for the Friends of Harvard Hill Park, and an Environmental Champion for Hounslow.

Amy Rennison

Amy Rennison advises and invests in startups designed for impact as well as providing consulting services to social entrepreneurs and charities. Her children attend a school adjacent to the A4 and she campaigns for better air quality with cleanschoolair.com.

Steve Pocock

Steve is deeply involved in connecting city residents to their local nature and environment. Steve is Chair of Cultivate London, a local social enterprise and charity providing gardening experiences and training, and Community Campaign Coordinator for the National Park City Foundation where he was part of the early founding team.

Steve is co-founder of Greentalk, a London-based ecotech startup, connecting councils and land managers with residents to activate people into caring for their local environment, while improving health and wellbeing through nature connection. Greentalk recent clients include Hounslow Council and Bupa’s eco-Disruptive Healthier Cities and Citizens programme.